Personalized Solutions

In our product range exist all the classic glass bottles and jars of the market but also a very big variety of other designs in all dimensions. There are always in stock metal pilfer proof screw caps, metal twist off caps and capsules in different dimension, sizes and colors as well as bag in box in different dimensions.
Apart from all of this, our company offers the possibility of personalized solutions to its customers, enabling them to differentiate to their product packaging with the following solutions:

  • Production of a new glass bottle or jar in the shape and the dimension that the client wants, undertaking the whole process, from the manufacturing of the mold to the production of the item.
  • Production of any new design of metal pilfer proof screw cap, twist off cap, capsule is desired by the client. Our production possibilities are very big since we can produce any design, printing and coloring at the best quality.
  • Decorating the glass bottle or jar. The client has the option of further processing the bottle or jar by frosting, painting, printing or a combination thereof.