Product range

In our product range exist all the classic glass bottles and jars of the market but also a very big variety of other designs in all dimensions. Of course, there is the ability to produce any specialized bottle and jar with the design and capacity that the customer wants.
Our possibilities in the production of metal pilfer proof screw caps, metal twist off caps and capsules are very big as we can produce any design, printing and coloring at the best quality. It should also be noted that we are flexible in deliveries and production quantities.

Big product range from

  • Glass Bottles from 0,040 Lt. to 5 Lt.
  • Glass Jars from 0,030 Lt. to 4,250 Lt.
  • Metal Pilfer Proof Screw Caps in different dimensions for alcoholic beverages, wine, olive oil, vinegar, water
  • Metal Twist Off caps for the jars
  • Μεταλλικά καπάκια crown
  • Metalized & transparent Bag in Box from 2 Lt. to 1 tn. for food and beverage packaging (for example: wine, oil, juices, milk, eggs, various pastes, water etc.)
  • Capsules
  • Demijohns in different dimensions
  • Pet Bottles & jars
  • Inox Containers
  • Variety Items